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Income Tax

  1. Authorizing Email Communications
  2. Extension of Time to File - Application for Automatic 6-Month

    This extension will give the person submitting the form an automatic extension for 6 months. For calendar year filer this will be an... More…

  3. Questionnaire - Business

    This questionnaire can be used to setup withholding and profit and loss account with the city. This questionnaire can also be used... More…

  4. Rental Property Tenant List
  1. Change of Address

    This form is to change the address we have in the tax system for you. It can be used when you move out or within the city.

  2. No Income Tax Return

    This form is to file an annual income tax return for the City of Englewood where no income was earned during the year.

  3. Questionnaire - Individual

Water, Sewer, Trash & Recycling

  1. Discontinue Utility Services

    Use this form to discontinue utility services at the City of Englewood

  1. New Utility Service

    To signup for new water, sewer and refuse services in the City of Englewood