• EMS: We strive to provide not only the quickest, but also the best care available. With abilities such as 12 Lead ECG's, Lucas devices and new advanced procedures; we provide top-notch care.
  • Fire Prevention: It is a proven fact that fire prevention is the most effective way we have to save lives and property from fire. From school talks to fire extinguisher demonstrations, fire prevention is always a top priority.
  • Fire Safety Inspections: In order to ensure fire safety in the workplace and in places of public assembly, we perform routine fire inspections.
  • Fire Suppression: Fire suppression is the oldest known task delegated to fire departments. The art of suppression has come a long way, and we provide the best possible protection with state of the art equipment and quick response times.
  • HazMat Mitigation: Hazardous materials are becoming more and more of a threat to both people and the environment. Our fire department, along with the Dayton Regional Haz-Mat Team, strives to provide response capabilities to all known hazards.
  • Specialized Rescue: Victims are not always in a location that is easy to get to, whether they be jammed inside a crushed car or buried in a collapsed building. This is why specialized rescue is a specialty of ours.
  • Child Safety Seat Inspections: Call 836-2399 to schedule a child safety seat inspection.

2022 Fire Collaborative Statistics
Total Emergency Calls: 7,148
  • Station 81: 1,173
  • Station 85: 2,745
  • Station 98: 2,616
  • Station 99: 2,208
2022 Overall Fire Collaborative Response Time

3 minutes, 54 seconds

Other Information


 ISO Rating: Current ISO rating is 2