Snow Emergencies

Snow Plowing

Streets are plowed based on priority. That is, major thoroughfares (such as Main Street or Wenger Road) are plowed first. Fire routes (side streets, etc.) are second priority. The final priority is cul de sacs and dead end roads.

To protect the environment and reduce the use of road salt, the City of Englewood employs a method of pre-treating roadways prior to predicted weather events using salt brine and/or beet juice. These substances inhibit ice from forming on the roads, thereby reducing the amount of road salt used during and after the weather event. Less salt usage means less salt residue getting into the storm drains which empty directly into the creeks and river.

Snow Emergency Ordinance

Section 404.09 - Removal of Vehicles From Streets During Periods of Emergency

Per Section 404.09 of the City of Englewood "Codified Ordinances" (Removal of Vehicles From Streets During Periods of Emergency), whenever, in the opinion of the City Manager, there is an actual or threatened local emergency, such as a riot, fire, flood, excessive snowfall, other Acts of God, common disaster or acts of the enemy, the City Manager may require the removal of motor vehicles parked upon the affected street(s) of the City. Snowfall in Excess of Three (3) Inches in a Twenty-Four (24) Hour Period is Considered Excessive. Vehicles Shall Be Removed From All Streets for at Least Forty-Eight (48) Hours After a Snow Emergency is Declared. The City Manager shall inform the public of the aforementioned conditions through reasonable and usual methods of communication. If the owner or operator of the vehicles does not remove it within a reasonable time, the vehicles may be removed by the Police Department at the owner's expense. (Ordinance 79-09 Passed 2/14/79)

Section 412.07 - Placement of Snow or Ice in Public Right-of-Ways

(A) No privately operated snow removal service shall place or leave any snow or ice in the public right-of-way of any dedicated street or ally in the City.
(B) No individual shall cause snow to be shoveled, plowed, pushed or otherwise be placed upon any public right-of-way creating a traffic or pedestrian obstruction once it has been cleared or removed by City forces. (Ordinance 79-09 Passed 2/13/79)