Englewood Sister City Club

The Englewood Sister City Club began in 1983 when a sister-city relationship was formalized with Billerbeck, Germany. Since then, more than 400 adults and teens from the two communities have enjoyed the sister city experience by taking part in educational and cultural exchange visits.

Club Logo

The original logo for the Englewood Sister City Club featured an old world nutcracker holding the logos of the City of Englewood (left) and Billerbeck (right). For many years, the Englewood Sister City Club handcrafted a nutcracker doll that was raffled off in the community as a fundraising project. In coming years, the nutcrackers will be auctioned off one by one at the club's annual spaghetti dinner. The current logo commemorates the bond of friendship with a slogan that reads "Two Cities, One Family."

Sister City Club Membership & Activities

The Englewood Sister City Club plans at least one social event or outing each month, along with periodic business meeting. A monthly newsletter is mailed to all club members. Membership is $5 per person or $15 per family per year. For more information on club membership, write the Englewood Sister City Club at c/o City of Englewood:
333 W National Road
Englewood, OH 45322
Phone: 937-832-4001