1. Alerts

    Get immediate announcements for important information such as warnings of natural disasters sent to your phone through email or text message.

  2. Christmas Tree Disposal

    During the first two weeks of January, the trash hauler, Rumpke, will pick up discarded Christmas trees curb-side on your normal trash pickup day.

  3. Code Violation Reporting

    You can report a code violation online through our code violation reporting form.

  4. Do-Not-Solicit List

    Browse through the list of addresses that have requested to be on the do-not-solicit list.

  5. Fall Leaf Pickup

    For six weeks each year in the fall, the City of Englewood provides curb-side leaf pickup for all residents.

  6. FAQs

    Find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

  7. Local Businesses

    Browse through local businesses and organizations that operate in the area.

  8. Online Payments

    Here you can view a list of online payment options.

  9. Report an Animal Strike

    If you witnessed or experienced an animal strike please fill our online form to report it.

  10. Report a Concern

    Submit concerns, complaints, and problems to the organization.

  11. Trash Delays

    If your regularly scheduled trash service day falls on or after one of the six major holidays, your scheduled service for trash removal will be one day later that week only.

  12. Vacation House Check

    Feel secure while you're away. Simply fill out the online form and submit it.